*Alte - Garde - Germany A1

  • Hi there!

    This evening I was banned while playing on *Alte - Garde - Germany A1. It was playing on map Wake Island 2007. My game name is Vat.

    There were about 5 people active per side. I was USMC and was playing in an F35B and later an F18. On China there was almost no air presence. I was banned when my score was around 20/0 k/d. The stated reason was something along the lines of "hacking bye bye :)".

    All I can say is I wasn't hacking. As your server usually plays Dragon Valley and is the nicest server for that for me, as it is also in my region and thus has low ping (I'm from the Netherlands), it would really impact me if the ban sticks.

    However you decide, thank you for hosting the server! :thumbup:

  • some months ago, i was banned for no reason at all ... I was playing around and all of a sudden i was thrown out of the game. Not able to log in since then... Really, no clue whatsoever. So please unban me

  • I check u before i bann u and u have 29/0 K/D. u see all on groud also player walk by foot .Think before u juse hack next time.the bann stay

  • ok Jürgen, i rechecked and it must have been playername 'plokmijn' . Can you process my unban-request please ?

    Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 2 Mal editiert, zuletzt von amazingmax () aus folgendem Grund: i dont understand how i can get the message 'you have been banned from the server by a sever admin or because of excessive teamkilling' on server alte garde germany a1 and that i am not on the unban-list ? Maybe check ip address so can you check this data for me ?