• So sorry but obviously i've deleted my first post by mistake! I'm just enraged by a one of your administrators - Ernesto Che Guevara - this man keeps banning me because with reason "bye bye hacker" (cheater)

    Which I'm NOT - I'm not even good at bf2 ( https://www.bf2hub.com/stats/119143836 ) In comparison etf and A-L-F for example are better players than me!

    So please remove my ban and tell him to stop doing that it's very irritating!!

  • i was banned by the same player Ernesto Che Guevara with reason 'bye buy hacker' for now reason whatsoever. Playername either amazingmax or plokmijn. I am amazingmax my son plokmijn on same pc

  • i am Ernesto (Juergen) az sum so u chance to config in the hit points for apc and tanks or other i never now but on think u play no fair.u shoot me more times with an epc down an i was in tank on i aczept but second time i tak wonder a tank without broken u shoot with epc 3/4 down and rest u give by normal gun.imposible normal an i play these game 15 jears.but i now specelice guys can chance the config in the game for hitpoints and i think so you so guy.but ok stopp these an i will entbann u because u are play other normal wriht your config better or i never now what u make.when i see these again u hit with epc vs tank him down i bann u permanent .i will say the server kost a lot of mony and i pay these all alone i nerver wahnt pay for cheaters i hope u can understand these.the bann its now remove ;););)

  • Hello Juergen! I'm not sure what you want me to do. My battlefield version is not changed in any way! From the message you post I can understand that you are wondering how a APC can destroy a tank. Right ? Every vehicle got damage zone (weak spots) and when you hit those you get more damage. For example on the tank those vulnerable zones (as far as I know) are the tracks and the back of it. If you manage to hit those the tank dies pretty easily. You can destroy a tank with a tank with only 2 shots when you are aiming for the tracks (try it) And check this out - you can actually destroy a tank (with a tank) with only one shot but i'm not sure where exactly you must hit it but it's possible. I did not belive it the first time I saw it but it's actually possible. https://forum.quartertothree.c…2-tank-testing-yard/19773 also https://gamebanana.com/tuts/2784 They are talking about tank vs tank battles here but it's the same with APC - you just need to know where to hit it. Hope it helps and please don't do this again as I said - I'm not cheating in anyway it's not fair to harass the players and it desn't matter that the server is yours or not - it's just not nice thing to do - if you have any questions just ask them

  • for amazingmax or plokmijn u never are in my bannlist and i no lock for IP.see waht u have for real player name and never lie more i never like these:(:(:(

    nice story, but still get the 'you are banned' message when trying to connect to alte-garde A1 as well as A2.