Beiträge von Juergen

    Manuel Hilse !!!!!!

    Du bist kein Progamer nur ein Supergauhacker!!!!!!!!!!

    Deine Handschrift im Spiel kennt ich und so bald ich die sehe bist du mit allen Namen die du annimmst gebannt. Geh besser auf LS oder Old Wolfs Server spielen aber dauert nicht lange das sie dir auch auf die Schliche kommen so wie ich auf dein Gesülze reingefallen bin.Und nächstes mal gehst du besser auf Toilette um was loszuwerden und nicht auf meine Webseite.

    no man other say also (eft and Panzerknacker01) u have chance hitpoints in game and have a hack because u shoot everytimes on correct place so the tanks or helis brocken more quick we not on other server not in my.but other admins in other server are also see these.good luck man but not in my server again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for amazingmax or plokmijn u never are in my bannlist and i no lock for IP.see waht u have for real player name and never lie more i never like these:(:(:(

    i am Ernesto (Juergen) az sum so u chance to config in the hit points for apc and tanks or other i never now but on think u play no fair.u shoot me more times with an epc down an i was in tank on i aczept but second time i tak wonder a tank without broken u shoot with epc 3/4 down and rest u give by normal gun.imposible normal an i play these game 15 jears.but i now specelice guys can chance the config in the game for hitpoints and i think so you so guy.but ok stopp these an i will entbann u because u are play other normal wriht your config better or i never now what u make.when i see these again u hit with epc vs tank him down i bann u permanent .i will say the server kost a lot of mony and i pay these all alone i nerver wahnt pay for cheaters i hope u can understand these.the bann its now remove ;););)

    I check u before i bann u and u have 29/0 K/D. u see all on groud also player walk by foot .Think before u juse hack next time.the bann stay

    some months ago, i was banned for no reason at all ... I was playing around and all of a sudden i was thrown out of the game. Not able to log in since then... Really, no clue whatsoever. So please unban me

    u never in my bannlist so say u corekt Playername